Troy Monteforte is a man of many hats. In addition to being responsible for all content of One Louder, he is also President of the Pacific Northwest’s bobsled team. Six months out of the year he may be found teaching underwater basket weaving while spending the other six months in Europe photographing Asian Unicorns. He is a Connect Four enthusiast who consistently places in worldwide competitions [currently ranked #7 in the world]. Troy enjoys long walks on short piers and is a connoisseur of fine Russian nesting dolls. He currently resides in Atlantis where he raises his six Sea Monkeys. Contact Troy.


Karl Reed was born and raised in the arid flatlands of Phoenix, AZ, where he was kept hidden in a locked basement for most of his formative years to protect him from marauding pirates. He was only given food that could be slid under a closed door. In turn, this created an affection for flat treats such as pizza and pop tarts. During the mid-‘80s his home was threatened by an evil land developer and his parents were forced to come up with a bunch of money or sell their home. Fortunately, Karl was able to find a treasure map in the basement that led to an infamous pirate treasure. Karl later turned his story into a script and sold it to Hollywood. After a few rewrites, the script eventually became the basis for the long-running series Alf. Karl now spends most of his time raising miniature emu on his ranch in Seattle, WA. When not tending to his flock, Karl enjoys working on art projects, listening to music and preparing for 12/21/2012. Contact Karl.


As a kid I tried my hand at violin, piano, flute and bass. I played them all poorly, but I played guitar pretty well, so I studied classical guitar for a couple years (until I discovered Led Zeppelin and Peter Frampton). As a young man I played in bands and toured extensively – Memphis is a cool town; Big Bone Lick, Kentucky makes me laugh; Hollywood was a dream when I was 25. I never had a day-job until I moved to L.A. to be a musician. Between playing, studying, boozing, sleeping and drinking coffee, I accidentally finished degrees in Ancient Art History and Comparative Literature. I’ve worked as a writer, editor and general “shaper of marketing concepts” for exciting ad agencies, creative musical instrument manufacturers, gargantuan music retailers and deranged psychiatric firms. Some of my favorite musicians are Kevin Gilbert, Daniel Lanois, Glen Phillips, Aimee Mann and Jon Brion. If you know who any three of these people are, we must be friends. Contact Paul.