While bands and musicians may be the focal point of the music industry, there are countless behind-the-scenes professionals who make it all go. They are talented, dedicated and fiercely loyal individuals who strive to ensure each band’s success. One Louder Magazine is willing to dig a little deeper to discover these talents and share their stories.

Each issue will include (but is not limited to):

Introduction – welcomes you to the latest issue of One Louder Magazine. It will typically include a brief overview of what to expect in the latest issue or mention any exciting changes that may have occurred since the last issue.

Feedback – your sounding board. Did you like/dislike an interview? Is there an awesome YouTube video we need to see? Do you have a suggestion for how to make One Louder Magazine even better? Is there a band we should know about? Let’s hear your feedback!

Interviews – the main focus of One Louder Magazine. A wide array of folks with a variety of jobs in the music industry are interviewed. Do you have a story to tell? Do you know someone who has a story to tell? Send us an email!

Fan of the Month – you don’t have to be a musician or in the music industry to be passionate about music. You, too, can be a Fan of the Month!

The Final Note – wraps up the latest issue of One Louder Magazine. Don’t skip it, for this is where interesting tidbits, music trivia and other fun facts go!

Other – does not exist yet, but will in due time. This could be in the form of album reviews, live show reviews, product reviews, or anything else we dream up. Maybe you have a suggestion?

The dudes behind One Louder Magazine:

Troy Monteforte – Publisher and Senior Director of Content. Troy coordinates and conducts all interviews, as well as writing all content for One Louder Magazine. Not working for the man, but actually the man.

Karl Reed – Senior Art Director. Karl is responsible for the web design and layout of One Louder Magazine, including the format, all graphics and photos. What you see is what you get.

Paul Audi – Editorial Director, Marketing and Global Communications. Paul edits all content and handles all aspects of marketing and promoting One Louder Magazine. Have you read it yet?

One Louder Magazine: dedicated to the men and women really behind the music.