Introduction – Issue #11


Are you familiar with the infamous “…these go to 11” scene in the movie This is Spinal Tap? If so, then you have a pretty good idea of where we came up with the name One Louder Magazine. Speaking of 11, this is the 11th issue of One Louder Magazine…time to play your favorite Spinal Tap song and crank it to ‘11’!

So what’s on tap – pun very intended – for the latest issue? Well, for starters, Record Store Day is coming up shortly and we reached out to RSD co-founder Michael Kurtz who shared a plethora of information with us about RSD events past, present and future. The resurgence in sales of records is staggering…and in such a short period of time, no less. Check out the RSD 2014 releases by clicking here.

Does your band (or brand) have a difficult time thinking about new ways to market? Then you’re in luck, as this issue also features an interview with R-evolution Industries founder, Jeremy Schulz, who has some unique, forward-thinking ideas to get you to the next level. Read all about it!

Unfortunately, there is no ‘Fan of the Month’ in this issue’s OLM, as I was extremely busy and focused almost entirely on Germany’s annual Musikmesse tradeshow. We hope to bring FOTM back for the next issue…thanks for understanding!



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