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Introduction – Issue #11


Are you familiar with the infamous “…these go to 11” scene in the movie This is Spinal Tap? If so, then you have a pretty good idea of where we came up with the name One Louder Magazine. Speaking of 11, this is the 11th issue of One Louder Magazine…time to play your favorite Spinal Tap song and crank it to ‘11’! (more…)

Interview with Michael Kurtz


A little over five years ago record sales were all but dead, giving way to compact discs, digital downloads and streaming. Vinyl was becoming scarce – as rare as the 8-track tape. But something happened. That something was Record Store Day. As seen in the graph below, sales of vinyl in 2012 actually surpassed the number sold in 1997 after a decade-long nose dive into near extinction. (more…)

Interview with Jeremy Schulz of R-Evolution


What’s better than ending a long week by throwing down a couple of brews and splitting a round of nachos and wings? Well, throw in good conversation with belly-busting laughter and it doesn’t get much better than that…and that’s exactly what R-Evolution Industries founder Jeremy Schulz and I did last week at Lake City’s Elliott Bay Brewing Company. (more…)