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FOTM – Chris Coyle


Chris Coyle grew up in sleepy, small town Woodinville, WA, but now resides three hours south in (a much more urban) Portland, OR. He used to be associate editor at Transworld Snowboarding magazine and was a co-creator of Thrasher magazine’s King of the Road. He has also raced in the Baja 1000! Today, though, Chris has given up the skateboarding, snowboarding and off-road racing life for the equally entertaining rock ‘n roll lifestyle. As (rock band) Red Fang’s tour manager, he is responsible for – well, scheduling their tours. His favorite city so far? Lisbon, Portugal. In addition to creating logical tours, he also sells Red Fang merch, blogs about the band, photographs the shows, drives the gear truck and more. Chris made it a point to tell me that (and I quote): “My mom says I’m real handsome.” I tried to reach her for confirmation, but she was unavailable for comment. I suppose we’ll just need to take his word for it. Handsome or not, here are Chris Coyle’s desert island choices… (more…)


Best and Worst of 2013


Here it is…the annual list containing my opinion of the best and worst music releases of 2013! There are three tabs on the bottom left of the Excel file: (1) Hell yes!, (2) Hell no! and (3) Would have liked to have heard. Each list is in alphabetical order by artist. Before digging in, please read the rules and disclaimers below. (more…)