Introduction – Issue #10


We did it…double digits! It only took a little over two years, but here we are at the 10th issue of One Louder Magazine! In this – the 10th issue overall and first of 2014 – we take a look back while still moving forward.

What does that mean exactly? Looking back while still moving forward…?

Well, for starters, the very first issue of One Louder Magazine featured an interview with Bryan Giles, vocalist/guitarist of Red Fang and the last issue featured an interview with professional rock ‘n roll photographer Mike Savoia. Red Fang is back with a brand new album – Whales and Leeches – and a (seemingly) endless tour schedule lined up in support of the album. Mike and I met up with Bryan at the Showbox Market in Seattle, WA, where I interviewed Bryan pre-show and Mike captured some amazing shots of the band in action. Thanks Bryan and Mike!

The second issue of One Louder Magazine featured an issue with Chrys Johnson who was Artist Relations Manager for Ampeg and Mackie at the time. Within a couple of years, he moved to a warmer climate to work his artist relations magic at EMG, Inc. in sunny California. He called to suggest I interview Rob Turner, founder, owner and sole engineer at EMG. I am honored to say that Rob accepted my request for an interview and I thank Chrys for making the suggestion. Thanks Rob, thanks Chrys!

Swinging back to the Red Fang theme for a moment, this issue’s ‘Fan of the Month’ is Chris Coyle. Chris has been Red Fang’s merch guy, blogger, photographer, driver and more for the band since day one. He took time out of his busy life to talk about the music that rocks his world. And no, he would not take the entire Red Fang collection if he were stranded on a desert island. Read the story to find out who he would take instead.

Wrapping up this issue of One Louder Magazine is my annual best/worst music releases of the year containing nearly 1500 [yes, one thousand five hundred!] “reviews”. Check it out and be sure to let me know what you think. Did I turn you onto something that would have otherwise gone unnoticed? Did I say something not very nice about your favoritist band ever? Is there an album I completely overlooked? Please let me know all of the above and more…happy listening!

Last, but not least, you may have noticed a small change to the One Louder Magazine format. Articles and interviews are now open for your comments! They have been closed since OLMs inception, but we finally decided to unlock the comments section for healthy discussion. Comment away!!



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