Introduction – Issue #8


Welcome to the eighth issue of One Louder Magazine and thank you for reading! There are three interviews in this issue and each interviewee could not be any more diverse…but that’s what makes this so fun! I hope you enjoy, my friends!

My formative years were spent in Tucson, AZ (1975-1990) and in the mid-‘80s I was introduced to a local punk band called Useless Pieces of Shit [U.P.S. for short]. My bandmate and I would crank their cassettes, mosh at their lively shows, drink some 40s and write our own songs, hoping to (re)create even a tenth of the raw energy that U.P.S. delivered. The band split in 1989, but U.P.S. guitarist – Slug Useless – has kept the hardcore punk flame alive-and-well since then, running Disillusion Music Label out of Seattle, WA. Be sure to check out the interview with Slug where he talks about U.P.S. and the Tucson punk scene, as well as his transition into running a music label.

I am pleased to announce that this issue also contains an interview with Bart Provoost out of Belgium…our first interviewee outside of North America! I can’t recall exactly how it happened, but at some point I stumbled across his Effects Database website where they proudly boast “Info about more than 18,000 guitar effects pedals!” Are you kidding me…18,000 guitar effects pedals?! Who knew that so many existed, let alone that one could retrieve information about all pedals in one convenient location? Check out the interview with Bart to find out how the Effects Database started, where it is now and where he hopes it goes.

Over ten years ago, sports guru Cory Bonini at KFFL hired me to write a weekly fantasy football paper, focusing primarily on the Seattle Seahawks and Carolina Panthers. His life is surrounded by sports on a daily basis, so I asked him to switch gears for a moment to discuss the music that rocks his world. Check out the interview to see what music Cory would have on a desert island with him and possibly get some tips on the 2013 fantasy football draft, as well!

Thank you Slug, Bart and Cory for taking time out of your busy lives to answer some questions and enrich our lives with a look at yours. And thanks to you for reading the latest issue…enjoy!



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