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FOTM – Scott Clark


Scott Clark [aka Dooglas] has been a good friend of mine since we met in the mid-80s. We attended the same High School, went to all the same shows, were in a rock band together and were roommates in college, too. The rock stardom ship has long since sailed and today Dooglas is doing time in Sacramento, CA, as Associate Director of Policy for the California Medical Association. In laymen’s terms, he works primarily on public health issues, including hot topics such as gun violence, immunizations and prescription drug abuse. But Scott has a fun side, too! He loves all things games, be it competitive sports, video games, puzzles or crosswords. In fact, he plays and designs creative street games and puzzles to play in public places. More information about that is available in Scott’s blog . He is a daily bicycle commuter and avid runner who enjoys spending down time with his wife, Jean, and their two dogs, Burt & Minerva. We haven’t talked in some time, so this was a great opportunity to catch up on life…and music. Here’s his story: (more…)


Best and Worst CD Releases of 2012


Here it is…the annual list containing my opinion of the best and worst music releases of 2012! There are three tabs on the bottom left of the Excel file: (1) Hell yes!, (2) Hell no! and (3) Would have liked to have heard. Each list is in alphabetical order by artist. Before digging in, please read the rules and disclaimers below. (more…)

The Final Note


So many things have happened (or are happening!) in the lives of our One Louder Magazine interviewees recently that I thought I would share some of the more exciting success stories. (more…)