The Final Note


So many things have happened (or are happening!) in the lives of our One Louder Magazine interviewees recently that I thought I would share some of the more exciting success stories.

Terry Date [March, 2012]: British metalcore act Bring Me the Horizon called upon Terry Date to produce their latest offering, Sempiternal, to be released in late April, 2013.

Mat Mitchell of Puscifer [October, 2011]: Puscifer is releasing a new EP titled Donkey Punch the Night in mid-February. It will include covers of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody and Accept’s Balls to the Wall.

Chris Ballew [November, 2010]: Presidents of the United States front man, Chris Ballew, released yet another Caspar Babypants album – I Found You! – on December 18th, 2012.

Bryan ‘Red Fang’ Giles [October, 2010]: Bryan and the boys are headed to Australia in February 2013, for a 7-night stand, five of them as part of the prestigious Soundwave Festival! Check out some of the other bands that Red Fang will be sharing the stage with…crazy!


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