Introduction – Issue #7


In 1984 I read a book titled Electronic Projects for Musicians. I was 13 years old. Nearly 30 years later I met the book’s author, Craig Anderton. Needless to say, I gushed, probably to the extent of embarrassing us both. Even after that chance meeting, I am happy to report that Craig accepted my invitation to interview him! Whether you think you know everything about the man or know not a stitch, I urge you to check out Craig’s website , then read the One Louder Magazine interview with him. His resume is so deep that this was, by far, the most difficult interview I’ve had to date…I didn’t know where to start!

Also in this issue is an interview with Dan Martin, owner and inventor of the Basshanger. Are you tired of tripping over tripod stands or having them fall apart on you? Are you running out of space on stage? A Basshanger just might suit your needs. My bassist owns two of them and I’ll buy a couple when he finally designs one for a Marshall stack [wink wink nudge nudge]!

Wrapping up the interviews is this issue’s Fan of the Month, Scott Clark. Here, Scott tells us who he would want to listen to if stranded on a desert island. Read the story to see his top-5 list and find out why ________ makes the cut.

Last, but certainly not least…it’s that time of year when I take a look back at the most memorable music releases of the year, both good and bad. Did your favorite releases of 2012 make my list, too? Find out here!

Thank you Craig, Dan and Scott for taking time out of your busy lives to answer some questions and enrich our lives with a look at yours. And thanks to you for reading the latest issue…enjoy!



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