Introduction – Issue #5

I am always enthusiastic when we go live with a new issue of One Louder Magazine and this one is no exception. The featured interview this issue is with legendary engineer/producer Terry Date. He worked with Pantera on renowned albums Cowboys from Hell and Vulgar Display of Power, with Soundgarden on Louder Than Love and Badmotorfinger, Prong on their classic release, Cleansing, Dream Theater’s debut album, When Dream and Day Unite, and many, many more.

Also in this issue is my annual best and worst music releases of the year list. Please read the rules and disclaimers before viewing. I listen to an amazing amount of music each and every year, but I undoubtedly missed some great stuff. Feel free to let me know what else is worth checking out.

Finally, I urge any music lover who hasn’t used or heard of Spotify to check it out. It basically takes the best elements of iTunes, Pandora, Napster, etc. and rolls them into one easy-to-use music listening program. You can search and listen by artist, album, song, etc. on PC, Mac and even smart phones! A band bio is available, as well as a list of similar artists, personal playlists and more. I cannot say enough good things about Spotify. It is my new addiction, I can’t get enough! Check it out and share with your friends.

Happy reading,

Troy Monteforte

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