Best and Worst CD Releases of 2011

Here it is…my annual ‘Best (and Worst) of’ list for albums that were released in 2011. There are three tabs on the bottom left of the Excel file: (1) Hell yes!, (2) Hell no! and (3) Would have liked to have heard. Each list is in alphabetical order by artist. Before digging in, please read the rules and disclaimers below.

The Rules:

(1) It had to be released in 2011. Yes, you might notice that many CDs were originally released prior to 2011. However, reissues / re-masters, bonus tracks, greatest hits / best of’s, etc. all make the list as long as it has a release date of 2011 printed somewhere on the liner notes and/or CD.

(2) No country / western…I just can’t do it. Even still, one or two still snuck in to my listening pile. Other than that, anything goes…you’ll see what I mean.

(3) For some reason there is little-to-no classical music on here. Doesn’t mean I don’t like it…just didn’t listen to much of it.

(4) There is an amazing amount of albums that are released each and every year. Without a doubt I missed some very good ones to check out. Please let me know which ones and I’ll queue them up!

The Disclaimers:

(1) The absolute MOST important disclaimer: these are just my opinions. I guarantee you that I made fun of a band (or bands) that you love. Likewise, I guarantee you that I gave kudos to a band (or bands) that you absolutely cannot stand. Again, these are just my opinions, not scientifically proven facts. No need to get your panties in a bunch!

(2) Hard to believe, but yes, this list is far from complete. I still have many more CDs in the queue! They will be mentioned when I release next year’s list. Speaking of which…even if you have already seen the ‘Best/Worst’ releases from previous years, I urge you to check them out again, as they have been updated!

(3) There were quite a few ‘tweener albums [albums that could have been in the Hell yes! or Hell no! category]. They had to be somewhere.

(4) Is it possible that I overlooked something, misspelled a word, etc? Absolutely…in fact, I hope so. Otherwise, that just means I’m a robot.

(5) There are a few choice words that I’ve used throughout…sorry if any of them offend you.

(6) Apologies for the short reviews. I didn’t have time to write a dissertation on each release.

(7) I would have loved to put out a top-5 or top-10 releases of the year – and I started one – but it is just way too difficult. There were some really great releases and I hope you get to enjoy some of them, as well!

(8) If you want to see best/worst of lists from earlier years, send me a request and I’ll email it to you directly:

What I hope to gain from this list:

(1) I hope I can turn you on to some great music and/or steer you away from some rather questionable releases.

(2) I hope to hear what music turned you on (or off) last year. Please share!!

Happy listening,

Troy Monteforte

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