Introduction – Issue #4

My heart is firmly rooted in rock ‘n roll. I listen to a variety of bands in an assortment of genres, including classic rock, metal, punk, grunge, industrial, etc. I also enjoy hip-hop, rap, reggae, jazz, blues and more.

Frankly, I could go on all day and not be even close to the finish line. I appreciate a truly vast array of bands…almost all rooted in rock ‘n roll. Having said that, One Louder Magazine is not dedicated solely to rock ‘n roll. It is my belief that music of all forms should be acknowledged, if not appreciated. I am a lover of music, but by no means an “expert” on music. Therefore…

…one genre that I’ve struggled to understand over the years is electronic…and I mean all forms of it: trance, drum and bass, techno, downtempo, trip hop…all of it. In fact, the closest I get to understanding electronic music is by listening to artists like Girl Talk and Thievery Corporation. Enter Sean Horton and the Decibel Festival.

Seattle’s Decibel Festival is an annual event taking place over a 4-day period every September. It is dedicated solely to electronic music and features not only live shows, but also conferences and laptop battles. Sean Horton envisioned, created and runs the Decibel Festival with the help of volunteers. Sean was lined up for this issue of One Louder Magazine, but Decibel Festival duties took precedence. Apologies to those looking forward to the interview; you are not alone. I, too, could not wait to hear what Sean had to say! Hopefully we can line him up for next year’s Decibel Festival. You can read more about the Decibel Festival at the website, like it on facebook and/or follow it on twitter.

In other music news, I always look forward to new releases and concert dates from TOOL, Nine Inch Nails, Queens of the Stone Age and Ministry. Mat Mitchell is way ahead of the curve when it comes to these bands, as he has either programmed, produced, engineered and/or tech’ed for all of them…and that’s just naming a few artists with whom he has collaborated. Check out the interview to see what Mat’s up to today!

After a one issue absence, One Louder Magazine gladly welcomes back the Fan of the Month. You don’t have to be a musician (or work in the music industry) to be a fan of music. Case in point: Mark Poirier, this issue’s FOTM. He loves his ska, but doesn’t even own a horn. Rather, Mark is a writer. You may have seen (or read) some of his work: Smart People, Modern Ranch Living, Naked Pueblo and/or Unsung Heroes of American Industry; he even has a new movie – Goats – coming to theaters in early 2012.

Last, but not least, I would like to thank Mackie and Ampeg. They placed ads with us [our first!] and mentioned One Louder Magazine on their facebook (Mackie/Ampeg) and twitter (Mackie/Ampeg) pages. I am not paid to say this, but I have nothing but great things to say about both brands. I have utilized Mackie in recording and live environments…sometimes simultaneously! And I believe Ampeg creates and manufactures the best sounding bass amps in the world. In fact, I currently own and play through a BA-210 and J-20. My bass player plays the SVT-CL head through an SVT-810 cabinet. Killer setup! Frankly, I would own more Mackie and Ampeg gear if I had unlimited dough and space…it sounds that good.

No borders in music, no borders with One Louder Magazine. Happy reading!

Troy Monteforte


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