Best and Worst CD Releases of 2010

Ok, so 2011 is nearly half over and I am finally releasing my annual ‘Best (and Worst) of’ list for CDs that were released in 2010. 

The Rules:

(1)  Most important rule: it had to be released in 2010. Yes, you might notice that many CDs were originally released prior to 2010. However, reissues / re-masters, bonus tracks, greatest hits / best of’s, etc. all make the list as long as it has a release date of 2010.

(2)  No country / western…I just can’t do it. Period. End of discussion. Even still, one or two still snuck in to my listening pile. Other than that, anything goes…you’ll see what I mean.

(3)  For some reason there is little-to-no classical music on here. Doesn’t mean I don’t like it…just didn’t listen to much of it.

The Disclaimers:

(1)  Most important disclaimer: these are just my opinions…take them at face value (I know you will).

(2)  Hard to believe, but yes, this list is far from complete. I still have many more CDs in the queue! They will be mentioned when I send out next year’s list.

(3)  There were quite a few ‘tweener albums [CDs that could have been in the ‘Hell Yes!’ or ‘Hell No!’ category]. They had to be somewhere.

(4)  I guarantee you that I made fun of a band (or bands) that you like…get over it!

(5)  I guarantee you that I gave kudos to a band (or bands) that you absolutely cannot stand…ditto.

(6)  Is it possible that I overlooked something, misspelled a word, have the wrong genre of music listed, etc?  Absolutely…in fact, I hope so. Otherwise, that just means I’m a robot.

(7)  The music genre listed in the ‘Would have like to have heard’ tab was generated from or If it’s wrong, it’s because of them. Don’t flame me on that one!

(8)  There are a few choice words that I’ve used throughout…sorry if any of them offend you.

(9)  Apologies for the short reviews. I didn’t have time to write a dissertation on each release.

(10)  I was hoping to put together a top-10 best list and a top-10 worst list, but there’s just too much there and I’m out of time, sorry!

What I hope to gain from this list:

(1)  I hope I can turn you on to some great music and/or steer you away from some rather questionable releases.

(2)  I hope to hear what music turned you on (or off) last year.  Please share!!

The Bottom Line:

It was A LOT of work putting this together, but I had fun with it…I hope you do, too! The lists from 2008 and 2009 are also included. The same rules and disclaimers apply for them.

Happy listening,
Troy Monteforte

Best and worst releases of 2010 in Excel (.xlsx)

Best and worst releases of 2009 in Excel (.xls)

Best and worst releases of 2008 in Excel (.xls)


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