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Introduction – Issue #3

Greetings, friends! I apologize profusely for the lengthy delay in getting this third issue of One Louder Magazine out. These last few months have seen the holiday season come and go, a family medical emergency, a budding relationship, several out of town trips and a herniated disc…all on top of our day jobs that also keep us quite busy. Additionally, the interview subjects lead very busy lives, as well. So we really appreciate them setting aside some time to answer a few questions. Nevertheless, the show must go on and issue three of One Louder Magazine is finally here! (more…)

Interview with Andy Curran – A&R at SRO/Anthem

What Canadian rock trio has sold 40 million albums while consistently selling out arenas for nearly 30 years? Hint: They’re also getting ready to release their 19th full-length album later this year. There can only be one answer…the mighty RUSH, of course! Andy Curran works as the “A&R guy” for SRO/Anthem in Toronto and RUSH is hands-down the biggest act he works with. (more…)

Best and Worst CD Releases of 2010

Ok, so 2011 is nearly half over and I am finally releasing my annual ‘Best (and Worst) of’ list for CDs that were released in 2010.  (more…)