“CHRISsue” Intro

Greetings! By now you have had your share of Thanksgiving turkey (and the always generous portions of leftovers) and it’s time to sit back and review the latest goings-on at One Louder Magazine. Well, you’re in luck friends, as “CHRISsue” number two is here! Nope, that is not a misprint. Rather, I interviewed a bunch of guys named Chris for this issue!

New to this issue is a section called Feedback. Feedback is your sounding board. Did you like/dislike an interview? Is there an awesome YouTube video we need to see? Do you have a suggestion for how to make One Louder Magazine even better? Is there a band we should know about? Let’s hear your feedback!

Also new to this issue is an RSS Feed. A few people sent feedback requesting one. You asked and we listened. An RSS Feed is now available thanks to your suggestion!

Finally, in the first issue of One Louder Magazine, I thanked Paul Audi for his help with editing. With issue two, Paul is now a full-fledged member as Editorial Director, Marketing and Global Communications of One Louder Magazine. Look for his bio, below mine and Karl’s. Welcome aboard, Paul!

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Troy Monteforte


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