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“CHRISsue” Intro

Greetings! By now you have had your share of Thanksgiving turkey (and the always generous portions of leftovers) and it’s time to sit back and review the latest goings-on at One Louder Magazine. Well, you’re in luck friends, as “CHRISsue” number two is here! Nope, that is not a misprint. Rather, I interviewed a bunch of guys named Chris for this issue!



Interview with Chris Ballew of PUSA and CBP


Chris Ballew is front man and principal songwriter of The Presidents of the United States of America. He has recorded and toured with Beck and Sir Mix-A-Lot, was nominated for two Grammys, played a gig at Mount Rushmore and has had seven songs chart, five in the top-25. These days, Chris is squarely focused on writing children’s music as Caspar Babypants, playing packed shows around the greater Seattle-area with hundreds of kids running wild, stomping their feet and singing along with him. Chris shared stories about all of these experiences and much, much more. This is a long interview, so grab a coffee, cozy up into your favorite chair and enjoy. Without further ado, Mr. Chris Ballew…


Interview with Chris Gibson of Tuning the Air and League of Crafty Guitarists

Are you looking for a unique musical experience? How about one where the audience is surrounded by the musicians? What if I told you that all nine musicians play the same instrument? Now in its 10th season, the guitar ensemble – Tuning the Air – effortlessly switches from rock ‘n roll to classical and everything in between. There is a high level of musicianship, but the results sound like anything but. Tuning the Air is not just about music… it is about the experience. I recently spoke with Chris Gibson who was appointed the Musical Director of Tuning the Air in March 2010.