Hello everyone and welcome to the inaugural issue of One Louder! While bands and musicians may be the focal point of the music industry, there are countless behind-the-scenes professionals who make it all go. They are talented, dedicated and fiercely loyal individuals who ensure each band’s success. One Louder is willing to dig a little deeper to discover these talents and share their stories.

This issue features three separate interviews with four friends working in various aspects of the music community. The feature story is about Portland stoner rock band, Red Fang. They recently signed to Relapse Records and look forward to their sophomore release in early 2011. Until then, they are gearing up for their third U.S. tour which kicks off October 7th at El Corazon in Seattle. This issue also spotlights Dan Halligan (local punk aficionado and creator of groundbreaking music mag 10 Things), as well as Kyle Fletcher and Sean Enright who recently completed construction of their new recording studio, JAM Recording Company, based in Wallingford.

Finally, no band would be complete without at least one fan. Therefore, each issue of One Louder will feature a Fan of the Month section. It is their chance to discuss what bands really move them…and more importantly, why. While I may be responsible for the content of One Louder, it would not be possible without the help of Karl Reed [format, graphics, photos, and web design] and Paul Audi [editing]. Therefore, this first issue will feature not one, but two, Fans of the Month. Thanks for all of your help, guys!

One Louder: the magazine dedicated to the men and women really behind the music.


Troy Monteforte


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