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Hello everyone and welcome to the inaugural issue of One Louder! While bands and musicians may be the focal point of the music industry, there are countless behind-the-scenes professionals who make it all go. They are talented, dedicated and fiercely loyal individuals who ensure each band’s success. One Louder is willing to dig a little deeper to discover these talents and share their stories. (more…)

Interview with Bryan Giles of Red Fang

When listening to Portland’s very own Red Fang, one has a tendency to either swill a bunch of PBRs or smoke a ton of reefer…in some cases, it may be a little of both. The extracurricular activities notwithstanding, Red Fang brings forth the stoner rock sound reminiscent of Queens of the Stone Age peppered with a touch of the prog-rock styling often found in Mastodon.

Interview with Kyle Fletcher and Sean Enright of JAM Recording Company

Kyle Fletcher and Sean Enright have worked side-by-side as recording engineers for nearly a decade. They met at Shoreline Community College while taking courses in Music Technology. Their first studio – The Barn – was located at Sean’s old house in Duvall, WA. That house sold awhile back, but they now have a brand-new studio with a bigger and better-sounding room, an upgrade on equipment and a few extra years of recording experience under their belts.

I met with Kyle and Sean at their new recording facilities located at a much more convenient Wallingford, WA location. This interview took place using some of the gear in the studio: a R0DE NT2000 microphone (set up in a figure 8 pattern) through an Avalon 737sp preamp into a Mackie Digital X Bus mixer. From there, the outputs of the Digital X Bus went to the Pro Tools HD 2 rig. (more…)